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Name:commercial treadmill

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Product Descrision
Power: 5.0HP
Speed ​​range: 1-22KM / H
Slope Range: -3-20%
Area: 220 * 95 * 162CM
Effective use of space: 158 * 62CM
Bearing weight: 180KG
Weight: 191KG
GW: 254KG
Packing size: 228 * 94 * 45CM
104 * 93 * 58CM
¨5.0HP professional commercial AC inverter motor, powerful low energy consumption.
¨ 12-inch large blue backlit LCD display, with 7-speed direct elections, the 7-segment slope direct function, the user interface is more reasonable.
¨ unique application of intelligent sensing delay shutdown, saving off screen and auto-sensing function wakes screens (utility model patents).
¨ original treadmill intelligent safety sensors, emergency stop safety function (utility model patents).
¨ large double treadmill, the new suspension design (patent suspension spring shock absorbers + silicone damping device).
¨ Chanticleer HI-FI stereo sound system, can play U disk, MP3, various audio files directly within the phone.
¨ automatic cooling cooling system design, effective protection of treadmill running stability and operating life.
¨ new treadmill negative slope simulate downhill running scene, slope broader, more suitable for people to use.
¨ use running belt automatic lubrication, automatic belt tensioning motor and run with automatic tensioning system, such as full maintenance.
¨ Built-in 12 kinds of hiking, cross country, race, weight loss and other intelligent running program, a variety of operating mode selection and testing fat function.
¨ comes with high sensitivity holding a measuring heart rate, electrical control handle to adjust the speed, slope function; the new system Shibian, matching wireless chest strap heart rate measurement function.
¨ high density, ultra-wearable, both sides can be rotated using thicker running board.
¨ aircraft-grade alloy trim comes with widening, lengthening mat, the whole structure is sound, innovative design.
¨ safety, environmental protection PU ergonomic armrest.
¨ with the flow, short circuit protection, soft-stop and pause motion information record.
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