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Twelve small way to fitness
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   Physical health than anything else, amount of money to spend but also there is life. Make life more dynamic, so that our physical health, exercise fitness is the best choice. Sports and fitness in addition to those conventional techniques, in everyday life, there are a lot of you do not pay attention to fitness health care tips. If you can stick with it long-term, combined with the fitness program, you will have a very healthy body.

First, most people stood watching television are accustomed to watching television sitting consequences of doing so is likely to be more and more abdominal fat, it may be doing exactly the opposite - stood watching television (in fact, this is where traditional health static stance), a set of four fifty minutes is done, it is equivalent to more than 40 minutes is practicing fitness pile.
     Method is: legs open, shoulder width, lower my eyes, loose hips, hands against the back at the waist. As much as possible so that the body down.
Second, toes in the traditional Ba Duan Jin in the "behind the seven tiptoes eliminate diseases," saying that advocates the benefits of toes. Method is: feet close together or separately can slowly lift the heel to the limit, as much as possible to stand a moment; Then, slowly put his feet down. Be sure to slowly as possible, so that can be a good stimulate foot acupuncture points. There is also a tiptoe is: with his right foot stepped on      Third, make a fist: hands clasped relax after repeated several times, can be carried upright or sitting position.
    Four, knocking teeth: teeth right tooth tapping, or empty biting teeth to prevent receding gums, periodontal disease and other oral problems; This method can also promote the cheek muscle activity, so that the cheeks plump and prevent sagging cheeks.
    V. Rouyan: look for soft hand parts, rubbing the eyes, around the eyes, promote blood circulation around eyes, eyesight, refreshing, but also both cosmetic effect.
    Six, pinch the nose: often handed index finger rubbing the nose on both sides of Ying Xiang points, or nose Cuonie, can promote the sense of smell, nasal allergies or respiratory tract to reduce the chances of infection.
    Seven, swallow Tianjin: Closed to do mouth-shaped back the number, and then swallow saliva. Human saliva is not oxidized when exposed to air and odor does not occur, but there are shares of sweet taste. Saliva contains many digestive enzymes and nutrients, and often swallow Tianjin help digestive function.
    Eight, comb: comb or fingers can be all kinds of daily comb under tens to one hundred, with a scalp massage, resuscitating the effectiveness of the vision, hearing is also helpful.
    Nine, Paijian: left hand on the rejection of natural right shoulder shot, right hand shot left shoulder alternately, can also be used alternately Paitui palm naturally.
    Ten, the waist: the right hand bend along trend to the left toe stretch, got up, left hand to right toe stretching, rotation number back.
   Eleven, turning neck, shrugging: shoulder neck vertebrae, and many major blood vessels leading to the head, often turning the neck, shrugged his shoulders, helping muscles active, old age, the probability of occurrence of cerebrovascular disease will be greatly reduced.
   Twelve, dry rub: palm or wipe dry towel in the face several times, arms and other exposed surfaces can also use this method wipe helps skin surface circulation, the skin moist.
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