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Furniture is your fitness equipment
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Everyday busy, no time to go to the gym. Today, workers of the time is very tight, squeeze a little time to go to the gym have become a luxury. So many people just want a place to change at home fitness, desperate for fitness equipment, is not enough space at home. In fact, as long as the effective use of science, furniture is the best fitness equipment, for you not only save time, and money. Here we teach you the recipe using the furniture, fitness tricks.

Act I: Walls

Help us be a solid wall can also be a tall wardrobe or a good door shut.

Ask Walls: feet side by side, raised his hands and shoulder width apart on the wall, the body forming a 45 degree angle with the wall. Upper body slowly move closer to the wall, opened the shoulders, arms and gradually all the stickers on the wall. Course of action may cause sore shoulder, according to the individual circumstances of moderate exercise.

Time: 1 minute.

The effectiveness of points: Enhanced upper body flexibility, exercise shoulder, abdomen and lower back.

Act II: Sofa

In addition to bed most of the time we rely on the sofa reading a book, watching TV, chatting, dozing, one thing that makes us lazy in places where it can move a bit.

Lying: lying on the sofa, legs bent and your feet flat. Lift the left leg, his hands pulled his left ankle, try stretching his left leg, if flexibility is good, you can pull to the left leg parallel with the body, according to the individual circumstances of moderate exercise.

Time: 1 minute.

The effectiveness of points: you can exercise thighs, calves, ankles and abdomen.

Looked up: lying on the ground in front of the sofa, legs flat on the couch, arms reach. Hip axis, using the strength of abdominal muscles, lift the body, arms forward to reach for the foot, repeatedly.

Time: 1 minute.

The effectiveness of points: abdominal exercise.

Back: sitting on the couch corner of the ground, backed sofa, arms stays comfortably on the sofa, knees, legs pointed, toes point. Tighten the back, knees pointed, toes pointing up. You can also sit on the couch.

Time: 1 minute.

Effectiveness points: to tighten the abdomen, stretching the knee.

Act III: Bed

Third of the time of our lives in bed, in addition to sleep, we can and do exercise dear bed together.

Bed: what moves you previously used the bed? Now try this: upper body bent over the bed, his hands breaststroke style paddling slowly in bed, try to stretch the upper extremity.

Time: 1 minute 30 times, the course of action a deep breath.

The effectiveness of points: Stretching the shoulder and upper arm.

Lie: Celi at the bedside, with the bed for 20 cm distance, cross left foot, the hip axis, upper body lie down on the bed, arms and ear stretching as far as possible. Left and right side of the exchange.

Time: 1 minute.

The effectiveness of points: stretching obliques, producing slender effect.

Rollaway beds: Push determined before you do not move this bed. Then began: hands shore edge of the bed, legs together, the hip axis, up and down at right angles to the body center of gravity forward, legs into small lunge, left leg exchange proceed.

Time: 1 minute. ("Push bed" type can be individually strengthening exercises, each 20 to 30 times, repeat 2 or 3 groups, to create the perfect lower body lines.)

The effectiveness of points: stretching the thigh muscles, improve breech, stretch the calf muscles.

Lying: upper body lying in bed, buttocks outside the edge of the bed, legs lifted Stretch your feet up against the wall (or a ride on a support such as a chair, bed height and the same height), expiratory legs Bengzhi , muscle force, tighten the buttocks, inhale and relax.

Time: 1 minute.

Effectiveness points: to tighten thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles.

Act IV: Chair

Kick: find a wooden or hard plastic chair, keeping the upper body upright, hands on both sides of the chair, one foot forward, the other foot and toes looked taut thighs and abdominal muscles with leg drive Ministry bobbing. Do not bend your knees when you pay attention to practice, the focus should remain the center of the chair, so the chair skew.

Time: 1 minute. (15 to 18 times as a group, do 2 to 3 groups.)

The effectiveness of points: You can exercise the leg muscles, and abs. At the same time, can enhance the body's balance.

Scene Five: Cabinet

Tiptoe: practice-oriented cabinet standing, feet shoulder width apart. Hands straight, attached to the cupboard. Heel lift, toes touch the ground. When reached its highest point when the heel slowly down, then looked up again. Exercise time to keep the body balanced, the focus should fall on the front foot palm and should not be pressed against the cupboard body.

Time: 1 minute. (15 to 18 times as a group, you can do every day 2 to 3 groups.)

The effectiveness of points: ankle can effectively alleviate muscle pain, but also to prevent twisting the foot when walking phenomenon.

Tips: Avoid the use of furniture Fitness furniture with inlaid glass and away from the TV, refrigerators and other appliances, avoid touching the exercise of these appliances and dangerous.
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