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Family Fitness Four Mistakes
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Family Fitness four errors:

Buy fitness equipment blindness: Many people believe that one-sided fitness equipment function better, spend a lot of results, the result is poor. Fitness equipment on the market with a single function (such as a treadmill, climbing stairs, etc.), there is a combination of multiple functions integrated fitness (eg five functions, nine functions, thirteen functions to 31 functions, etc.), as well as some simple, practical fitness equipment (such as chest, dumbbells, skipping, etc.). Experts pointed out that according to their fitness enthusiasts to age, gender, physical condition, need to exercise as well as the site of housing, economic conditions, considering before you buy for their own fitness equipment.

One mind: Some edge wear headphones to listen to music, while fitness workout that builds both fitness and can "kill two birds." As everyone knows, when the family did not dedicate myself to fitness, exercise effect will be greatly reduced. Because people engaged in fitness movement, the nerve center of commanding movement in the excited state, the other is the nerve center in the inhibitory state. While exercising while listening to headphones, the nerve center conductor motion is suppressed, the effect of natural counterproductive.

Speak science: fitness training is a "taboo" in. For example: inflammation in patients with osteoarthritis has not yet disappeared, using a large amount of exercise equipment exercise, overload strenuous exercise, will exacerbate joint damage, did not. Exercise intensity and exercise control is not good, hard improper methods, technical movements are not standardized, the body moving parts is not accurate, can cause joint damage, or other parts of a sprained ligament injury.

Fits and starts network: whim training days will be unhappy fitness crowded out, this approach is not desirable. What things should have the spirit of perseverance, fitness workout versa.
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