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Home fitness equipment used Precautions
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Home fitness equipment to use precautions, usage of home fitness equipment gym far less high, once you have the correct way to use, pay attention to proper maintenance can extend the life of equipment.


(A) in the use of light move slow to pay attention to the action round living. Slow motion to avoid collision between the hardware devices, but it is a slow retreat of the strength exercises, it can effectively develop muscle strength, according to the German laboratory studies show that this method of developing muscle strength than the power exercise restraint exercises (concentric contraction) is better than 15%.


Do rowing exercises, riding a bicycle must pay attention to the power round live action, which is far better than aerobic exercise equipment, barbells, dumbbells and so durable. Therefore, when used to pay attention to action round living, try not explosive force. This protects the bicycle pedals, bottom bracket and other gear and hydraulic resistance rowing arms and other equipment.


(2) regular maintenance bearings, replace the rope on fitness. American pioneer, the universe, FLIX and other large fitness equipment and more for hotels, they set up a maintenance point in the world, on the periodic replacement of fitness rope, which is a measure of their service. Home fitness equipment in a multi-purpose machine fitness machines and other devices such as strength to withstand a variety of main rope tension, the use of 2012, the user can take the initiative to replace the wire rope.


(3) Equipment placement should be smooth, preferably on the following carpeted dry room. This prevents uneven force damage; prevent equipment rust, wear and tear.


(4) Some parts for equipment in peacetime should pay attention to maintenance. Wipe the surface plating equipment such as; give the bearing oil; tightly loose screws.


These are used in home fitness equipment, precautions, as long as we mastered the use of methods, pay attention to the maintenance of normal oil drink maintenance, fitness equipment will be used often new, longevity.
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