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Life eight fitness tricks
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Experts teach you life eight fitness tricks to introduce a few minutes time office workers fitness method, according to their own needs to choose to do their own movement. Only eight minutes before morning can get, do not then do not have time as an excuse oh!


Tread friction soles one minute


Kicking with both feet with alternating friction soles, soles of the feet feel so warm. Mount tread soles have live meridian, spleen and stomach, relieved of God and other effects.

Flexion of limbs one minute


By flexion movement, so that the rapid return of blood to the body, heart and brain systems supply enough oxygen and blood, and enhance the flexibility of the limbs size of the joint.


Abdomen levator ani one minute


Repeated contraction, so that on the anus, anal sphincter contraction can enhance, promote blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Finger comb one minute


With the fingers of both hands from the forehead to the back of the head, followed by combing, and enhance the head blood circulation. Can prevent brain vascular disease, but also to make hair black.


Turn eyes one minute


Eyeball can run clockwise and counterclockwise, can be refreshing eye-catching.


Gently helix one minute


Finger gently with both hands around the helix to the heat, it would allow clear the meridians, especially for tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness embolism prevention and treatment efficacy.


Thumb rubbing the nose one minute


Thumb up and down with both hands, rub the nose, can prevent the early morning cold and runny nose caused by nasal congestion, prevent colds.


Knocking teeth tongue rolling one minute


Fitness Channel Xiaobian reminder: tapping the teeth, make teeth and gums blood and Glister; rolling tongue tongue can move freely, to increase its sensitivity.

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