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Fitness novice should pay attention to the issue
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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, more and more people join the ranks of fitness and gym will become a place where people favored. However, for a fitness novice, the driver may be driving on the road and a new feel the same: tense and confused. If so, the following points suggest maybe able to help you busy.


Warm up, and then on the treadmill. Many first fitness, I enter the club apart from anything else running on a treadmill on the first few steps, in fact, this approach is not correct. Running, you should do first warm-up exercise, warm-up exercise can improve muscle temperature, so that muscles become soft and not easy to strain, can be pressed to do several sets of stretching or squat exercise. Novice first time on the treadmill, you should first walking, then jogging 15 minutes away, this exercise intensity is best to maintain three weeks later, according to personal physical fitness, and then slowly increase the volume.


Large-scale test equipment before practicing balance. United States agencies have statistics, initially into the gym who are more or less within 45 days will encounter sports injuries. U.S. bodybuilding champion Rubens remind everyone, because large equipment for the body's flexibility and balance demanding, so make sure to practice at least one month prior to the balance of stability and flexibility exercise. If you can not bend the upper body upright, or leg touch the ground, but can not close your eyes after the balance, then, do not touch the large gym equipment.


Start from dumbbell strength exercises. Many fitness novices arrived gym, anxious to put all of the instruments are practicing again, such as a treadmill cardio training equipment, if the warm-up in place, generally does not occur sports injuries. However, chest thruster, barbell strength training equipment such, it is not very suitable for beginners to practice it. If you want to practice the novice power, optional 3-5 pound dumbbell with both hands placed on the chest, doing exercises recommended 12-15 2-3 group can be.


40 minutes is the best exercise time. A lot of people go to the gym, it will be several hours, all the devices are connected again, or feel unsatisfied, so it is easy to fatigue, leading to muscle pain, little attention will lead to sports injuries. For fitness novice 40 minutes is enough, you can use 15-20 minutes jogging, 10 minutes strength training, do some flexibility training can be.


Jogging wear thick-soled shoes and socks to the gym. Many people often wear flat shoes fitness or canvas shoes, which are thinner soles, while the novice foot muscles in a relaxed state, it is easy to make it cramp or sprain. Therefore, the best choice for people who first fitness jogging shoes, training shoes or thick-soled socks.


Strengthen muscle, fitness supplement within one hour after food. For the purposes of different fitness novice, the diet is also very important, for example, muscular man in motion exercises completed within one hour, you should eat more foods containing carbohydrates, rice is a good choice. For people who aim to lose weight, exercise is best not finished within one hour food supplements.


Food Channel Xiaobian reminder: fitness novices who need to be reminded that the above considerations are fitness should pay particular attention to the early, according to personal physical differences, it is best able to help coach sports.

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