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Six ways to loss weight by honey
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way to loss weight by honey and White vinegar

1, the amino acids contained in vinegar, Not only can consume the body fat, but also make sugar , protein metabolism smoothly. According to the research, Obesity drinks daily  15 ml a 2O ml vinegar In a month, you can lose weight about 3 kg . The ways to loss weight by Honey vinegar :

1.1) Drink 20 minutes before breakfast, with Empty stomach .2) Drink immediately after lunch and dinner


2. Papaya honey water

Papaya sweet, Natured slightly cold, Functions to aid digestion , make Spleen and stomach health, Moisten lungs, Stop coughing, thirst-quenching . nature of Honey is heat ,it is warm after Cooked, sweet and calm, detoxification slimming; Soft and moisten. Make dehumidification relax, moisture five internal organs . Ingredients: papaya one , honey , water amount.


Practice: Wash papaya, flesh The papaya skin and sliced. The papaya is put into the pot , add appropriate amount of water . After boil cook change over medium heat for 30 minutes. Add Honey flavor. Stir sugar , then drink.


3 , honey apple porridge

as rice contain much more amino acid, rice Mainly contain protein protamine , Easily digestion and absorption, In fact ,it did not have much fat, it Can be used as meals for losing weight, Many women do not eat rice for the downsizing is wrong .


Materials : 1 cup white rice , apple, raisins 2 tablespoons water 10 cups of honey 4 tbsp .

Practice: Wash rice and drain, Wash and slice apples seeded . Pot, add 10 cups water to boil, Add rice and apples and cook until slightly when boiling . Mixing, To medium simmer 40 minutes . Honey, and raisins in a bowl, Pour hot porridge , mix well and serve .


4 , honey sweet potatoes

This dish sparkling, sweet and delicious, feel sticky. No increase after eating meat , Instead, full and stop you from eating more meat and food oil , Reduce the amount of fat .


Material : sweet potato amount, 20 grams of honey , sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus sauce 15 grams , 250 grams of sugar , maltose 20 g .


Practice: the sweet potato whittled pit shape into the pot , add sugar marinated 2-3 hours. Take pot lit , into the sweet potato , honey, sweet-scented osmanthus sauce , sugar and water , stir to boil, then stew cooked slowly over low heat until the sauce thickens , remove and transfer to a plate .


5 , honey tea slimming method

Honey tea can make stomach health , laxative for constipation, stomach and embolism. Honey black tea caffeine with the vascular system and heart stimulant , thus speeding up the blood circulation to facilitate metabolism , while promoting perspiration and urination, thereby accelerating excretion of lactic acid -pronged approach ( the muscles feel tired substances ) and other body of old waste material , to eliminate the effects of fatigue and detoxification .


6 , honey, chamomile tea cup

Meal drink a cup of honey chamomile tea can increase your satiety, reducing calorie intake a great help . In addition, this slimming tea can significantly improve the edema , weight loss is one of the best beverage choice .


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