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How to choose the right home treadmill
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Introduction :With the increasing improvement of living standards,people’s requirements for home working out are higher and higher,thus making home treadmill more and more popular.Then the question is how to choose and buy a high-quality home treadmill ?In the following we will talk about from which aspects we should choose a home treadmill that suits you.

The motor power :Generally speaking,it is sufficient when the output power of a hometread varies between 1.5 and 2.0 horsepower.Some factories’ showing summit power is usually misleading.

Treadmill bearing :We usually buy home treadmills whose bearing weight are within 110 - 120 kilograms.For the overweight,you are advised to buy light commercial machines whose bearing limits are 136 kg or 156kg,such as the U.S. Icahn Treadmill.

Performance of treadmills :If you concentrate on jogging,treadmills with multifunction are not recommended.All you need is a treadmill with the wide running belt,good acoustics,electric control of the slop and solidness.For example,PET-90 of Intensity Space deserves your attention.

Function of treadmills :If you have old people and adults at home and want the whole family to use it in turn,it is suggested that you buy multi-function machines whose price variy between about 2000 and 3000 yuan.They are usually equipped with massage head,wriggled plate and sit-up rods,but their running belts are as narrow as about 400 minimetres.Using third gear with manual slope,they are not equipped with acoustics.This is also the good choice.

Thickness of the countertop :The thickness of the countertop is the key to reducing the joint impact.You should choose countertops with thick materials,especially double –storey countertops.If it is too thin,it is likely to cause the bending and deformation of countertops,thus resulting in danger and the damage of the machine.The length of countertops are usually over 1.2 meters.

Speed adjustment :For relatively better treadmills ,we can  usually conveniently adjust the speed at the controlling board and handles,and there will not be obvious shake and discomfort when speeding up and slowing down during jogging.

The controlling board :There should be at least the above-mentioned basic display functions on the controlling penal of a standard treadmill.Those with Chinese buttons and blue screen are especially fashionable.

If you are bothered with choosing the right home treadmill,you can check the professional assessments of ten  major brands of treadmills to help you choose.

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